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1. National Unity and peace.

2. Communal and Social Harmony brotherhood.

3. Promotion Of cottage and small-scale industries by taking up action research work.

4. To undertake evaluation of Economic and Social Project.

5. To take up programmes in which Science and Technology may have major role in improving life. Working conditions and opportunities for gainful employment of women.

6. To take up enforcement of prohibition and initiate people. Movement against 'FEMALE FOETICIDE' AND 'AIDS'.

7. To undertake up programmes which ensures raising of income levels and expending employment opportunities of the weaker section of the society, particularly of the those living below the poverty line and women by involving participation in the planning. Implementation and maintenance of activities taken up.

8. To take up all formal and non-formal education programme, as per directive contained in the national policy of education 1986.

9. To raise or acquire funds or property from Central Govt., State Govt. Foreign agencies, Non Govt. agencies by way of donations grants or contribution or by taking loan from public and all other resources, present and future of the society shall be utilized for any or all the purpose or objects of the society as stated and also for all other activities in furtherance of ideals of truth and non-violence.

10. To aware the public against bad social elements and corruption.